Maui Taxi Prices

The Maui Taxi Prices are set by the County of Maui.

Taxi’s on the Island of Maui have the same meter and there is only 1 Official who can change the Taxi Cab meters. The current prices were set approximately 15 years ago.

Maui Taxi Prices in Hawaii:

Basically it is $6.00 for the first Mile and then $3.00 for each additional Mile.

The breakdown is: $3.50 plus 30 cents per 1/10 of a mile = $3.00 a mile.  Wait time is 30 cents a minute. (if you are going to have the Taxi wait less than 12 minutes, you should leave the meter running to save money)

While Taxi Cabs are expected and allowed to charge extra for Luggage, Bikes and Car Seat rentals… we do not.

Kihei Taxi accepts Credit Cards