Private Maui Tour, Hawaii

private maui tour hawaii

Need to go Shopping here on Maui?

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Kihei Taxi is happy to be your  personal driver for the day.

How about a private Road to Hana Tour?

We all love looking for waterfalls, so whether you are looking for an all day private Maui tour along the Road to Hana with only your friends and family or  want to spend a couple of hours sightseeing and taking photos, maybe swimming in waterfalls before going to lunch in say Paia town; Kihei Taxi specializes in Hana Tours. There are several waterfalls to swim in on the way to Hana, there is no need to go all the way to Hana, unless you want to.

A plus now days is a stop on the way back to view the large Turtles out of water as they lay sunning on the beach!

Kihei Taxi drivers know all the best Maui waterfalls that are easy to access, all the best shopping (not just the touristy stuff), the best out of the way (hole in the walls) Maui Restaurants and many secluded beaches.  The day is your to do with what you enjoy.

One of the best ways to enjoy Hana is to spend the night! Kihei Taxi can give you a ride to Hana, stopping along the way if you wish, and then we can pick yo up at a designated time when you are ready to head back to civilization.

Unlike most if not all Maui Tour Vans here on Maui, our Maui Taxi mini-vans are wheel chair accessible. Bring the family along, we can always play follow the leader if there are more than 7 passengers. Wheel chair accessible tours on Maui.

Kihei taxi picks up all over the Island of Maui! Our experienced drivers are very familiar with Maui’s roads and highways as well as are licensed by the Sate of Hawaii (unlike Uber). Tell us what you are interested in and let Kihei Taxi take you there…

*Male or female drivers available on request.