New Plexiglas Divider

Kihei Taxi gets new Plexiglas divider in min-van taxi

Grand Re-Opening October 9th, 2020.

Aloha from Taxi Tina.

In today’s Covig-19 era, I wanted to come up with a clean and safe way to transport passengers. Both for their safety and mine.

After much thought on how to offer customers a safe and clean ride to their destinations, I decided to have a custom-designed Plexiglas Partition installed in my Maui Taxi.

A Floor to Ceiling divider, it will be installed right behind the front seats.

Much of my Business is based on reservations now days, most of which are pre-paid. Pre-paying for your Transportation around Maui, is an even better choice for contactless transportation. I accept major Credit Cards, Debit CC, PayPal and Venmo, so far. Google Pay and Apply Pay possibly soon.

For my Cash or RTG customers (ready to go), I am having a Money slot built into the Plexiglas divider. Passengers will be able to slide credit cards and/or money through the slot.

I will also have sanitizer on both sides of the Divider…

When I, Taxi Tina, arrive at the pick-up location, I will click the button from inside the van to open the sliding door. I will then close it after the customer gets in. Once inside, either myself or the passenger can adjust the Windows and A/C to their liking.

The van is equipped with Leather seats, which are a cleaner option than cloth seats. Much easier to clean and keep clean.

In order to give the cleanest and safest rides possible, I am implementing the following:

  • No passengers (without my prior consent) in the front-passenger seat. Which means no more than 6 passengers allowed in the Taxi.
  • Drivers are no longer encouraged to touch other peoples belongings. I will however, assist those that need assistance. If you have large or heavy bags or sports equipment, please let me know in advance.
  • I will wear a facemask while driving passengers to their destination.
  • The Passenger area will be wiped down with sanitizer after each passenger.

I look forward to opening back up for Business on October 9th, 2020. Feel free to send me a text at 808-298-1877, or email at Ask me a question or make a reservation. I drive all over the Island of Maui and enjoy doing tours as well.

Visiting Maui… Ask about Maui Airport Transportation to and from Kahului (OGG) Airport.

Tropical Flower Delivery Service

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Maui Hawaii! I just got back from what we call “upcountry”.

Yesterday I received a call, a Client was interested in having Tropical Flowers picked up from Haku Farms in Makawao and delivered to a residence in Haiku.

I was thinking yesterday before I got the call, that I wanted to drive to the North Shore, go exploring… I know the road to Hana is closed off, I wanted to see where exactly it was closed off- that was Twin Falls by the way.

Anyway, I am available not only to take people from point A to point B and on Tours, I’m also available for Maui Courier and Delivery Service.

Need Groceries and don’t want to go to the grocery store? In today’s Covig-19 world, most restaurants and stores offer pre-order/paid service. I’m happy to be the pick up person and deliver your items to your place of residence or business.

Stay Healthy and Happy.

Private Haleakala Sunrise Tours 2020

Aloha! I now have availability for Private Haleakala Sunrise Tours!

Rules changed a few years ago, and now only 4 Tour Companies are allowed into the Haleakala National Park.  Haleakala National Park also now only allows 180 vehicles into the Park between 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM.

Taxi’s are allowed into the Haleakala National Park at both entrances: Hana’s famous Seven Pools in Kipahulu, and at the top of Haleakala Volcano.

Watching the Sunrise atop Haleakala Volcano is a rare, unique and for many, a spiritual experience… Think about it… standing along the rim of a huge Basin at 10,023 ft., watching as the sun rises! did i mention the views are spectacular… perfect for ‘selfies’.

Haleakala Maui Hawaii Sunrise view over the Crater

With no light pollution, our Hawaiian night sky can be amazing!! As we arrive at the top, you will stargaze and walk a short distance across the parking lot to the viewing area. It takes about an hour for the sun to rise. This hour is the most important time. Sunrise starts with a thin sliver of light, getting wider, until the sun comes up. It is during that first hour, that the light of the rising Sun, picks up the many varied colors and crystals of the basin floor.

Sunrise Tours on Haleakala Volcano, Maui Hawaii. High ABOVE the Clouds...
High ABOVE the Clouds…

Experiencing the Sunrise on top of Haleakala Volcano is one of the best things to do in Hawaii! Depending on weather conditions, the views are absolutely stunning!

It will be Cold. Visitors from Alaska and Canada are always surprised at just how cold it can get. A lot depends on the Wind chill that evening/morning.

Haleakala Maui Hawaii Sunrise view Big Island Hawaii Volcanoes
Sunrise view Big Island Hawaii Volcanoes

On a clear morning, after sunrise, you will be able to see the Volcanoes sticking out of the clouds, over on the “Big Island”.  Then turn and you will see Maui’s shadow in the Ocean.  You should be able to see the Islands of Ka’hoolawe, Lana’i and maybe even Moloka’i-behind/over Mauna Kahalawai.  Spectacular! (views are weather conditions permitting).

Rare Silversword Plant Haleakala Maui Hawaii
Rare Silversword Plant,  grows only on Haleakala Volcano.

Tours are normally 5-6 Hours, depending on where we meet.

Hungry? I am happy to stop for snacks/breakfast at the Kula Marketplace after.

Call or Text me for prices and information. Depending on your location, we meet approximately 3:00 AM.

Private Maui Tour, Hawaii

private maui tour hawaii

Need to go Shopping here on Maui?

Reserve your Private Maui Tour today 808-298-1877

Kihei Taxi is happy to be your  personal driver for the day.

How about a private Road to Hana Tour?

We all love looking for waterfalls, so whether you are looking for an all day private Maui tour along the Road to Hana with only your friends and family or  want to spend a couple of hours sightseeing and taking photos, maybe swimming in waterfalls before going to lunch in say Paia town; Kihei Taxi specializes in Hana Tours. There are several waterfalls to swim in on the way to Hana, there is no need to go all the way to Hana, unless you want to.

A plus now days is a stop on the way back to view the large Turtles out of water as they lay sunning on the beach!

Kihei Taxi drivers know all the best Maui waterfalls that are easy to access, all the best shopping (not just the touristy stuff), the best out of the way (hole in the walls) Maui Restaurants and many secluded beaches.  The day is your to do with what you enjoy.

One of the best ways to enjoy Hana is to spend the night! Kihei Taxi can give you a ride to Hana, stopping along the way if you wish, and then we can pick yo up at a designated time when you are ready to head back to civilization.

Unlike most if not all Maui Tour Vans here on Maui, our Maui Taxi mini-vans are wheel chair accessible. Bring the family along, we can always play follow the leader if there are more than 7 passengers. Wheel chair accessible tours on Maui.

Kihei taxi picks up all over the Island of Maui! Our experienced drivers are very familiar with Maui’s roads and highways as well as are licensed by the Sate of Hawaii (unlike Uber). Tell us what you are interested in and let Kihei Taxi take you there…

*Male or female drivers available on request.